Hi Every QA guru;

Is anyone there who can tell us how to use ACT to execute Stress Testing. Currently, our company try to use ACT to do experimental testing to determine what is our bottleneck or the limit of our Libary-like application (mainly search infobases).
We decide to isolate our applications into the following scenarios to measure the stress testing,
1. the most hit page
the most used search form page
2. the most used transaction
documents accesss (retreval)
3. Reporting of usage

4. might be 1+2+3 TOGETHER,

Now, we use ACT to do our testing, increase the users connections (load),plus the same iterations, and sometimes 200 connection made the server down and back to alive in a couple of minutes, but sometimes it was just dead.
So could you anyone tell us which criteria to set at Testing property so that we can have very surely these results telling us that our server is dead and we reach the limit. Our executive just want to know the limit our application can support.

Any ideas, experience, try from you in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

QA tester