we have to load test our web appliction with Microsoft APPLICTION CENTER TEST (ACT).

i am very new to this tool,( i used Loadrunner before this project).
we recorded the one site by recording the browser session
ex: mail.yahoo.com

login, send a mail ,check mail, logout action i have performed.
(when i reply the test the script did not send the mail which i recorded, why?)

now i want to run the script with different users in diferent iterations it should take different user data, is that possible?
1)i.e how to parameterize the user inputs?
2) how to incorporate the Transaction points? i.e to
measure the respose time of each web page
3) what are all the performance graph available?
(hits/sec, throughput, response time, transactions/sec)
4) can we see the browser while we are playback the script?
5) how to incorporate the think times?( what code we have
to write)
6) how to correlate the dynamic values generated by the
7) how to run more than one script/test at a time?

i am asking all these questions with Loadrunner back ground.

hope all doubts will be cleared in this forum