1) What is Avg TTLB per iteration in summary report. Can it be used to check the page response time?
2) Is it possible to generate graph\report for each userwise reposnse time & displaying maximum among them. Is it possible to generate a report like userwise response time like how we get in other testing tools?
Ex i have Home Page for stake holder
it has head.jpg & homepage.aspx
I need response time like

user1 - 1000 msec (summing head.jpg&homepage.apsx)
user2-2000msec (summing head.jpg&homepage.apsx)
3) Actually i wanted to test my application for 100 concurrent virtual user.

So can i set as broswer connection as 100 & iteration as 100 with the option like "generate users" instead of selecting default user group? is it correct?

4) how to find out the network connection speed for the result. i.e based on what connection speed results are appearing? is it the setting in IIS only.

what is available band width. is it possible to see this thru ACT?.

5) Is current bandwidth is available bandwidth? But it shows current bandwidth as 100,000,000.

My actual requirement is i need to test for 100 concurrent user & page response time should be less than 30 seconds. how can i do this? kindly help.