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    what is the difference between staggering users and distributing users ?


    I just want know the difference between staggering the users and distributing the users.

    See, my question is , i need to make the scenario as a real time situation . In that , i want 20 browser connections, and in that , 10 user should perform different action and the other 10 should perform different action .How to set this property in a single script which has different set of client actions recorded in that single script.

    And also , please explain clearly , what does this function returns and where to insert this codings in the script , how to use the output ?

    sorry for asking bundle of questions ? i asked all these questions in a single topic because , all the questions are interrelated with each other .

    Thank you !

    Jayakannan arunachalam

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    Re: what is the difference between staggering users and distributing users ?

    The script example you have given already retreives the user#. This can be used to vary the 'scenario'. e.g (using simple numeric users in the user table), if User < 11 call subA else call subB. Where subA and subB are modules which perform the different actions.

    You need to record both scenarios then copy and paste the generated scripts into two subs and have the if statement in your main section.





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