I'm a software industry trade journalist who has occasionally posted to qaforums. Among other duties, I write the Best Practices column for Software Test & Performance magazine (http://stpmag.com). I'm working on a column on best practices in testing with .NET and am wondering if I might be able to ask a few questions by email? Generally, this column is strongly developer- and tester-focused. The goal is to quote folks working in the trenches, solving problems day in, day out, etc. The questions I typically address include:

-What are the broad themes in testing with the .NET framework? (And how is testing when it comes to managed code different than testing in other environments?)

-What are the two or three most dramatic advances in .NET testing in the last few years? And what advances do you wish would happen already?

-How do you recommend developer organizations go about evaluating testing tools for use on the .NET framework? Which features are required? Which are just nice to have but not essential?

-Most important (from the journalist's point of view), what are a few anecdotes, stories or examples of a testing project that worked particularly well? Or poorly? (I'm happy to be vague about attribution. That is, I'm happy to write something like: "Jon Smith recalls working with one client, a large Midwest-based insurance company, to test a new application that would run on .NET. The project was a disaster from day one because…"

My deadline for my reporting is Thursday end of day. It would be great if folks from the forum are interested in participating in a sort of threaded interview.

Thanks very much!