Hi Folks,

I have a problem with the regular expression in recovery scenarios i developed in a .NET (C/S)application.

The problem is that the message box that i get as i close some opened objects in the application has the number of the object that i intended to close. However, i ensured that these objects (pop up message boxes or windows) have been added to the repository and would not be recognised based on the name involving the number of the objects that i intended to close.

As i load the recovery scenario files, i ensured that i had activated these scenario files on every step of the script.

i tought of using regular expression option in the recovery scenario manager for the ones involving a dynamic variable. I had done this by replacing any dynamic value (like the object number that increases at all times whether or not i used an opened object) with "\w" . I donot know if theis is the right way.

The checking of regular expression option in the scenario manager with or with out the number of the opened object in the - specify window conditions section of the recovery scenario (which has an edit box to edit the contents of the text that appears in the message box or the dialog box), did not work. I then replaced the entire object number with the "\w" expression.

I have had hard luck with the regular expressions with specific reference to the usage of "\w".

Any quick reponse is greatly appreciated with specific refernce to the changing object numbers in the message boxes or dialog boxes using regular expression.

I do not know if this is the only way to get my recovery scenarios can get working.