I'm having problem from Trial2 Class, I was try to use the JButton button = new JButton("Save Ticket");
to save data items from JComponents to .txt File.

The problem is from that Button Event to save datas to .txtFile.

The Button Object i created is button and i converted the JComponents objects to String data type, the codes was not given error at the compiling but it was giving error at Run Time by throwing error exception of javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed(Abs tractButton.java).

The Trial2 class is where this error is coming from.

* Please view my recent message code and help me out from Trial2 Class or help me out with Java code of how to save JComponent Data items to .txtFile.

I was thinking may be is because i wrap the Button object with GridBagConstraint of the same position with the JComponents i want to save their Datas at Panel5 from Trial2 Class.

* Please tell me the best Programing Application From J++, Linux, C# because I'm thinking to swap.
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